Meloquez’s work is characterized by a unique and incomparable language, colors and shapes that attract the viewer, prompting him to reflection. The project emerged from the artist’s passion for colors and materials, coupled with his ability to memorize the shapes around him. Born in Colombia, begins his training to the faculty of industrial design and engineering in Bogota, where he acquired knowledge of the materials, their physicochemical characteristics and the conception of a project. His ambition to learn, leads him to sign up for the Spilimbergo mosaic school in Italy, where he will have the opportunity to study more deeply the color theory, the decorative techniques and developing his handicraft. His experience increases with the collaboration of designers, artists and artisans, of several mosaic restoration work, like the Notre Dame de la Garde in Marsiglia basilica , Roquebrune church ´s floor, the Castle Franzensburg of Vienna, and also public and private works such as the mosaic for Ground Zero in New York.
The desire of squeezing all the ideas he has collected over time becomesincreasingly stronger. The study of the prints and architectures of fashion, and the colors of their native culture, his main source of inspiration, the artist creates a personal language. This shape of expression allows you to put color and shape in the beauty of simplicity, to place in the foreground what normally goes unnoticed, leaving the viewer free to make his point of view.
			Solo Exhibitions
2014 Rolling Colors, The Square Gallery, Genève, Suisse 2014 Focales en Vecors, Villard de Lans, France 2014 EB, Genève, Suisse 2013 Introspection Colours, Cite Du Temps, Swatch Gallery, Genève, Suisse 2012 meloquez, Gallery Andiamo, Marseille, France 2012 mosaïques, Paray le Monial, France
Group Exhibitions
			2014 Galerie L'Atelier 28, Lyon, France
2014 Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
2014 Who Art You, Milan, Italy
			2014 Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse, France
2014 Pitti, stand Meltin Pot, Florence, Italy 2014 Artefatto, Trieste, Italy 2014 Artifice, Montgeron, France 2014 Artempo, Cugnaux, France 2013 Io sono Diverso, Metamorfosi Gallery, Vicenza, Italy 2013 Gallery Katapult, Basel, Suisse 2013 Paint your Discobolo, Milano, Italy 2012 Gallery Katapult, Basel, Suisse
2013 Art à Porter, La Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine, Paray le Monial, France