erni-kwast-09Born 1959. Nationaliy: The Netherlands. Erni Kwast (1959) studied painting at Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Royal Academy of Art. Both academies are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The style of her painting is best characterised as lyrical figurative. At first sight, Erni’s paintings show apparently uncomplicated events: people are doing basic things in idyllic surroundings. However, it becomes apparent that an atmosphere is created rather than acts shown: faces are often turned, the acts appear not to bear any relation to their goals and human figures seem to live in a proprietary world that is epitomized by landscape elements. The colour effects that characterise Erni’s paintings give them a poetic expression: summer-like yet melancholical, sheltered but steamy too. We watch the story of daily life, which is of all times. Erni Kwast, although very much an exponent of modernity, is very aware of classical painting. She is particularly inspired by renaissance artist Piero della Francesca. Sources of inspiration from more recent times are Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso and Mark Rothko, as well as sculptors Mario Marini, Charlotte van Pallandt and Rik Wouters.