Anastasia SarantinouAnastasia Sarantinou was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa on 31st January 1965. She finished her Art Studies in 1986 (majoring in printmaking and specifically in silk-screening.) As photography was one of her favourite subjects in Art School she also chose as her first job that of photographer for a local newspaper. Working for a newspaper gave her the opportunity to write as well. She thus started an art column in the local newspaper about artists in the Goldfields area. Through her interviews with artists she became very involved with the then South African Arts Association and later became the chairman of the SAAA in the Goldfields region. She moved to Cape Town in 1992 and shortly afterwards opened a small gallery/shop in Kalk Bay where she started selling her paintings to foreign clients as well as local Capetonians and visitors from other provinces. She also in this time did many commissions for restaurants, hotels and specific clients. She and her partner (artist, Koos de Wet) moved their business to the Palms Lifestyle and decor centre in 2001 where she continued to sell her work and also started doing commissions for decorators. Being very involved in the running of the gallery/shop and producing artwork daily gave her very little time to participate in exhibitions during 1992-2004. Although Anastasia majored in printmaking she chose to pursue painting as her main medium of expression. Having studied all the different printmaking techniques she started to apply her knowledge of different materials and the reaction they have on one another to her painting work. Experimenting with different materials, chemicals and paints in one artwork has become the core of her work. Experimentation and art to her are parallel and she believes that she would stop painting if she could not experiment any longer. “I enjoy the process much more than the outcome” she says of her work. GROUP EXHIBITIONS Aug 1998 – Frankfurt, Germany Aug 1999 – Frankfurt, Germany Aug 2000 – Frankfurt, Germany Dec 2001 – Dresden, Germany Sept 2005 – ‘Spring Celebration of Enlightenment’, Johannesburg May/June 2006 – ‘Dual investigation’ (with Koos de Wet) Cape Town – 38 Special Gallery SOLO EXHIBITION Jan 1998 – SPIER Wine Farm, Stellenbosch